Purchase your favorite products, for less!

Offers4U is a shopping assistance service that gives you the opportunity to find the products you want at lower prices.

The Offers4U feature is visible on your screen, displaying for you exclusive discounts and deals on the products you're searching for. You'll be able to compare prices at a variety of stores and take advantage of the best offer that comes your way. You'll save time, money and get to enjoy your favorite products, for less!

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What is Offers4U?

Offers4U application is a shopping assistance service that enables you to view and make use of deals and offers that are relevant to you as you shop online. As you browse online, the Offers4U deals feature will be visible on the screen, presenting you with exclusive shopping offers, thereby saving you both time and money and providing you the ability to get the most from your online shopping experience.

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How can I remove Offers4U?

If you no longer find Offers4U useful,
you can remove it by following the uninstall instructions:

Download & run the uninstallation app and then save the file to your Desktop.
Double-click the uninstallation app and run it.
You’re almost there… just follow the instructions.
That’s it. Offers4u is now uninstalled.

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Is Offers4U safe to use?

Only deals or shopping offers that are considered relevant to the webpage you are currently browsing will be displayed on Offers4U. For these pages, Offers4U sends only the most necessary non-identifying data to the server in order to identify the product type that interests you. Be assured that Offers4U will never send cookies or other personally identifying data that was set by the site you are browsing.

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Where did Offers4U come from?

If you did not install Offers4U directly, it is possible you had it offered to you during installation of another application.